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"Colored Contacts--All It Takes Is A Vision"

Colored contacts, whether theatrical, scary, novelty, crazy, or enhancing colors, are fun. And the choice ranges from lenses that are crazy to costume lenses that are just plain weird. But somewhere in between are colored lenses that give your eyes not only a new color but depth and sparkle, an engaging look, and an alluring glance.

Colored lenses either let your eyes do the talking or get everyone else talking, and whether you are looking for novelty contacts or plain colored lenses, fashion contacts or special effect lenses, colored lenses are great fun.

Will They Look? Oooooh Yeah!

Sounds good so far, but where do you find what type, size, color, shape, design will set you apart?

Here at The Colored Contacts Guide, that's where. Read the articles below or try the menu links on the left and go wild, go scary, go color.

Being coy tonight? Then fashion contacts are perfect. Available in corrective powers as well as plano (no power), colored lenses by Natural Touch, Freshlook, Soflens, and Durasoft offer you lens colors like Sapphire Blue, Warm Honey, and many others. So be coy and let your eyes do the talking.

Want To Ride The Crazy Craze?

You can just look baffled with Spirals in your eyes or be patriotic with flags on your lenses. And you can step off the flying saucer with your eyes all black or white or staring like a predator. Rave by Evileyes make your eyes glow in the dark. On second thought, you might have to be more than a 'little' crazy tonight.

Though all these lenses are offered plano and can be ordered non prescription, manufacturers all recommend an examination by an eye care professional first and that lenses be properly fitted.

The health and safety of your eyes is essential to enjoy the variety and fun colored contact lenses provide, so visit the pages listed in the menu for further information, details, and product suggestions.

With our help, you can make your vision a vision.

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