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"Costume Contact Lenses--It Is Pretend, Right?"

Costume contact lenses are also called scary or special effect contact lenses, and sometimes, theatrical contact lenses. But unlike simple colored lenses, costume lenses are worn to make you into someTHING else, not someONE else.

Best of all, even if your eyesight does not need correction, when you need to be in costume, non-prescription scary contact lenses are available in plano, or non-correcting powers.

Just remember, costume lenses go in your eyes but the scary part can go to your head.

In Costume Or In Cos-Tomb?

Costume scary contact lenses come in designs that are as varied as the scary parts you want to play. Made by some of the best manufacturers of contact lenses like Coopervision and Ciba Vision, costume contacts are available in designs like Black Spiral, Bloodshot, and Wolf from Crazy Eyes costume lenses.

Wildeyes and X-Colors come in Alien, Black-Out, Hypnotica, Icefire, Jaguar and more. Rave, by Evileyes, even make your eyes glow in the dark. And if you do not need vision correction, all are available without prescription.

Still, although the FDA and Health Canada classify costume lenses as 'cosmetic devices', most manufacturers, as well as the retailers listed below, consider them to be 'medical devices'.

Most non-prescription contacts have limited sizes and powers and may not fit your eyes safely or comfortably. Lens manufacturers recommend they be properly fitted and prescribed once your eyes have been examined by an eye care professional.

Costume lenses should only be worn for short periods of time, must be cleaned on a regular schedule, and should never be exchanged.

All the top-rated lens suppliers listed below will be glad to assist you in choosing and ordering costume lenses, and have additional information about safety, care and use, and eye conditions preventing wear of costume scary contact lenses.

Remember, they are looking out for you. Good health and safety are never in costume.

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