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"Cosmetic Contact Lenses--Creating An Alter Eye-go"

Cosmetic contact lenses don't really change the colors of your eyes, but they do make your contact lenses all about, shall we say, presentation. Trying blonde hair this time around? How about changing those beautiful brown eyes to blue. Boyfriend's favorite color green?

OK, green eyes it is--but of course, you'd never admit you wear cosmetic colored contacts just for him.

How you present your eyes is up to you, but the choice of colors for cosmetic lenses is an easy one. . . or is it?

A. Samo-Samo B. Cosmetic Lenses--Beauty Is In The Eye Of The B. Holder

Cosmetic contacts come in a wide variety of opaque colors that change your eye color completely. Still, the basics--blue, green, brown, gray, hazel, all gorgeous colors--may not be right on you.

How about Jade Green, Warm Honey, or Sapphire Blue by Acuevue2? Maybe Aqua or Sultry Gray by Natural Touch cosmetic lenses? And some colored contacts for lighter eyes, like Freshlook Dimensions, combine effects to give greater depth and highlights to your eye colors using translucent colors that transform your cosmetic contacts into. . . y'know, presentation.

Most colored contacts are offered in a choice of Base Curves and Powers, including plano, no power. Still, manufacturers of contact lenses, and especially of cosmetic lenses, highly recommend that even if your eyes do not require correction, you have your eyes examined by an eye care professional who will check for eye conditions, properly fit your lenses, choose the right type and brand of cosmetic lenses for your eyes, and instruct you on care and use.

Reputable cosmetic contact suppliers, like those listed below, usually require a prescription or contact information for your eye care professional even if you have perfect vision, and they can help you in choosing your colors while getting the best price.

A sharp look, a healthy look, a smart look--now there's a presentation.

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