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"Contact Lenses - R-eye-ght For You?"

Contact lenses have come a long way and are now used not only for vision correction but are offered in colors, for fashion too. People who could never wear contacts before now have a choice of disposable soft lenses and long-wear gas permeable lenses that are appropriate for conditions of astigmatism and dry eye. And we've come a long way from the days of, "Hey, Four-eyes!"

Color contacts can enhance or even change the colors of your eyes, well, not really change the coloring of your eyes, but who's to know? Contacts are a desirable way to correct vision, but they are also an enjoyable way to change you.

I Can See Cleeeeearly Now...

Color lenses are exciting even if you don't need vision correction-most lenses are available in plano, no power--but the important thing is that contact lens manufacturers now make lenses that are comfortable, provide sharp visual acuity and are easy to use and maintain.

Toric lenses offer those with astigmatism a more refined contact and make wearing contacts a possibility even for those who never could wear contacts before. And modern polymer lenses are composed of high percentages of water, so the lenses feel comfortable, do not require long break-in periods, and can be worn for longer periods.

Both disposable and gas permeable lenses allow oxygen to reach the cornea, essential for the good health of your eyes.

Contacts are available from quality online suppliers like those listed below at massively discounted prices, but we recommend you first see an eye care professional.

They'll recommend a type of lens--disposable or gas permeable, normal or toric--and a suitable brand. They will also instruct you on a proper wear-regimen, and care of your contacts.

Prescriptions for contacts are not always required, but reputable lens suppliers will likely ask for one. Get one--it's a smart thing to do and the first step toward healthy eyesight, comfort, good fashion, and colorful fun.

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