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"Novelty Contact Lens Colors Abound"

Nowadays, the novelty contact lens colors to choose from are astounding in number and the novelty lens market is booming. Designs, multicolor, glow in the dark, and mirrored lenses are becoming a common sight on the party scene and at holiday events. Now you can save money on your novelty lenses as well.

Getting novelty contact lenses cheap discounts is as simple as searching the many online contact lens dealers. So many different manufacturers have novelty and special effects lenses that you should have no problem finding a lens design or color that you will want and the cost you want.

Novelty Contact Lenses No Longer A Novelty

Ordering lenses online is a safe and usually cheaper alternative to buying lenses from your eye care professional. Most of the time, your eye care professional will order lenses from a discount house and make up the difference in cost with what they charge you. Why pay full price for novelty lenses when you can get a discount?

If you have a higher prescription lens or an expensive toric lens, you should order your novelty lenses at a discount because generally they will cost more than "plano" novelty lenses. Not all novelty contact lenses are available in prescription, so research what you want in advance if you need vision correction.

Some manufactures' websites will offer rebates or free pairs of lenses. This process usually consists of printing out a certificate for a free pair of regular lenses that you can take to your eye care professional. Rebates will work somewhat the same; you will have to send the manufacturer a copy of your receipt and possibly a proof of purchase.

Don't pay full price for lenses; get your novelty lenses at cheap discounts.

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