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"Change Your Look With Non-Prescription Colored Contacts"

Nonprescription colored contacts are now widely available from several online retailers and even some eye care professionals. For years, you had to have a prescription for any type of contact lens. The market for colored and specialty lenses has dramatically increased and contact lens manufacturers have made non-prescription lenses available.

Not only can you get colored lenses with no prescription, but also the cost of non prescription color contacts is decreasing with their popularity. Plano, or non-prescription, colored lenses are relatively easy to manufacture, so they can cost as little as fifteen dollars a pair.

Non-Prescription Colored Lenses Cost Less The cost of colored contacts will vary by brand and manufacturer and on how wild you want your eyes to look. Hand painted lenses such as Angelic by Pharma lens will run you a bit more in cost and will take longer to order. Other such lenses can be found in a wide variety on the Internet.

Non prescription colored lenses can also be made in toric shapes. If you have astigmatism, your lenses may cost a bit more than standard lenses. Colored lenses without a prescription should be cared for the same way prescription lenses should.

Even if you have no need for visual correction, you can achieve dramatic eye color changes with non-prescription colored lenses. However, the FDA lists any and all contact lenses as medical devices and it is advisable to get an eye exam before purchasing any type of contact lenses.

Some companies will require you to have an exam prior to selling any contact lenses to you, no matter if they are prescription or non-prescription.

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