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"Black Toric Lenses For Astigmatism"

Do you have astigmatism and want a pair of black toric lenses? The eye-catching special effect lenses that turn the iris completely black is now available in toric prescriptions and visually correcting prescriptions. Color toric contacts and special effect toric contacts are hitting the mainstream at last.

Astigmatism is a condition of the eye that causes the eye to be shaped differently than normal. For years contact lenses were not available to astigmatism patients because the contact lens could not be fitted properly to their misshapen eyes. Now with advancing technology even special effect lenses such as the black lenses can be purchased in toric prescriptions.

Toric Lenses in Color

Having an eye exam is very important when purchasing toric lenses. Only a licensed and trained professional can determine the astigmatism prescription. Because astigmatism deals with the shape of the eye, it is important to get the correct shaping of the lens in order for it to rest on the eye surface. If the lens does not fit correctly on the eye, sliding and even "popping out" of the lens can occur.

Once you have had your eye exam you are ready to purchase your lenses. Contact lenses are medical devices and should only be purchased from licensed contact lens vendors. Many manufacturers sponsor online retailers for their lenses, so finding black toric and other special effect lenses will be no problem once you have your prescription.

Toric lenses can be purchased in a variety of colors and designs. From solid black lenses to tinted and highlighting lenses, you can get a wide range of toric prescriptions. Sclera lenses that cover the entire eye are also available in toric prescriptions. Look your most beautiful or your most scary with special effect and color toric lenses.

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