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"Special Effects With Contact Lens Paint"

Since the early thirties, contact lenses have been used on movie sets and in the theater. The most exotic lenses used today for entertainment are often hand painted contact lenses. Contact lens paint, an ever-evolving process, gives lenses any look desired without the humdrum of printed lenses.

Companies such as and SCL Contacts Limited have pioneered how to paint contact lenses. They specialize in prosthetic and movie lenses. Prosthetic lenses are designed to cover damaged or post surgical eyes. These lenses can be painted to match the natural eye color of the patient and provide a medical and more cosmetic alternative to patches and other less attractive means of covering the eyes.

Custom Hand Painted Lenses Are One Of A Kind

Movie lenses are popular and odds are that if you have seen a movie recently at least one character in it has a pair of cosmetic or special effect lenses. Hand painted lenses allow the technician a wide range of creativity to create the look of the character and give the actor or actress a real feel for the part they are playing.

Painting contact lenses is the original process for coloring contact lenses. These lenses are beautiful and intricate with a touch of the artist's personal flare to each one. Lenses such as these will be costly however, ranging in the low hundreds to over a thousand dollars for a pair of contacts. Lenses can take hours to paint depending on the detail of the design.

The process for painting contact lenses seems simple. A design must be formatted, the lens to be painted must be made, and then a technician paints the design on the lens. This is a painstaking process and often it is carried out by hand. The hand painting of contact lenses gives each lens a rather one-of-a-kind look.

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