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Revlon Freshlook color contacts

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"Get Your Fresh Look From Revlon FreshLook Color Contacts"

Revlon FreshLook color contacts are a product of Revlon and the association shows in the beautiful colors that FreshLook lenses come in. Revlon has outdone themselves with FreshLook color contacts.

The Radiance line of Revlon color contacts is designed with a glittery and shimmering essence to the lens that adds a depth to your eye color not available with other lenses. The sparkle and shine that Radiance lenses will offer is beyond compare and will surely get you noticed anywhere. FreshLook color contacts can be made in prescription and non-prescription form.

Be Radiant - Stand Out With Shimmering Lenses From Revlon

Radiance lenses come in four eye-catching shades. The Sunrise contact lens has a bright golden sheen that will shimmer on your eyes. The color Eden adds a translucent teal color to your eyes. Moonlight is a watery blue that makes even the darkest eye shine with light. The Autumn colored contact lens has a gilded glow that makes your eyes shimmer with Radiance. These lenses from FreshLook will be a hit.

The ColorBlends line has twelve brilliant shades for any eye color. The Gray colored contact is a smoke colored lens that will add depth to any eye color. FreshLook's Blue will change even the darkest eye to a brazen blue and Pacific Blue, a lens created with light complexions in mind, is a bright blue colored contact lens.

Sea Green is another FreshLook lens that was designed for light skin. There are many more colors from FreshLook's ColorBlends line and they are all guaranteed to change any eye color.

Revlon has your beauty in mind - right down to your eyes. Freshlook color contact lenses are radiant, beautiful and fun. Order yours today.

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