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Wear colored contacts for fun

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"Wear For Fun Colored Contacts--What A Sight"

If your eyes are going to do your talking, why not tell a joke and wear for fun colored contacts? That's the whole idea behind special effects colored contacts, to wear colored contacts for fun. And there are colored contacts for almost every occasion and every mood.

Colored contacts, often called fashion contacts, come in many colors for both those who need correction and those who don't, and there are also special effects contacts, or theatrical contacts, with unique designs. If you enjoy a light-hearted outlook on life, you shouldn't overlook them.

Laughs And Chills

Manufacturers of colored contacts offer a rainbow of colors but for real fun many offer special effects contacts that are a bit less, shall we say, alluring.

Want to look like a wolf or a cat or a crow or a raven? Try wearing Crazy colored contacts by Coopervision. Want to look like you're from outer space (or should be sent there), try Wildeyes special effects contacts by Ciba Vision. And if you want to wear colored contacts that make you look so evil everyone else wants to look away. . . but can't, try Evileyes by The important thing is to wear colored contacts for fun.

Still, even if your sight needs no correction, you should ensure the fun in wearing special effects lenses isn't ruined. Have your eyes checked by an eye care professional. They'll make sure the contacts fit properly, that you have no eye conditions that make you a poor candidate for wearing special effects contacts, will prescribe a type and brand that is suitable for your eyes, and will instruct you on care and use of colored contacts. You should get a prescription for your special effects contacts even if you've never worn corrective lenses.

So let your eyes have some fun, but keep your eyes safe and healthy and be sure the joke isn't on you.

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