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Ordering color contacts without a credit card

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"Do You Want To Order Color Contacts Without A Credit Card?"

Would you like to order color contacts without a credit card? Online retailers have lower prices than your eye care professional does. Who would not want to order color contacts for less? Online ordering has been plagued with one flaw - the credit card.

For people who are without a credit card, or who don't want to use their credit cards, placing an order for contact lens via the Internet has been difficult. But there are services available for people who do not wish to use their credit cards for ordering contact lens and want to order their color contacts online.

"No Card? No Problem!"

These services allow customers the freedom to place color contact lens orders online and still be within their shopping comfort zones. and have opened avenues for people to order contact lens without a credit card.

Electronic checks are becoming a fast and easy mode of payment for those who want to buy lenses without a credit card. Transactions are guaranteed and can be as safe and private as ordering lenses with a credit card. Often online venues will also have a phone line available for ordering and the customer can then provide his or her checking or savings account for payment of contact lens.

Mail orders for lenses are also still widely available, although this means of shopping seems out dated. However, if you are unable to establish credit with a credit card, or do not wish to use a credit card, this may be the only option you have available to you.

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