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Marilyn Manson contact lenses

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"Be A Little Bit Different With Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses"

Mismatched Marilyn Manson contact lenses are now a fashion statement, and teenage fans eagerly wear Marilyn contacts to emulate Marilyn Manson. From his crazy wild contact lenses to his makeup, there is nothing Marilyn Manson likes more than to shock.

But since many teens mix and share the crazy contact lenses with pals (you only need one lens to look like Marilyn Manson) experts are warning of eye infections from sharing contacts. Trading Marilyn Manson lenses back and forth leads to the eye disease known as conjunctivitis or worse.

Marilyn Contacts As A Fashion Trend

An additional reason for alarm: doctors fit contact lenses specifically to each person's eyes. Too loose, and your pal's Marilyn Manson contacts could scratch your cornea. Too tight, and the cornea doesn't get enough oxygen.

Many teens still sidestep their eye doctors and buy wild contact lenses at bargain prices, without a prescription, over the Internet and from dealers on the street.

So what do Marilyn Manson, Madonna and Michael Jackson have in common? The answer is obvious - they've all worn cosmetic contact lenses at some point.

Manson lenses are opaque - these crazy contact lenses allow no light to pass through them, meaning none of the natural eye is visible behind the contact lenses. The benefit is that even dark-eyed persons can wear Manson lenses.

So are Marilyn Manson lenses right for you? Since Marilyn contacts are a fashion choice, younger people have always been inclined to have more interest in these lenses. However, there's not much to be said for wearing contact lenses to look like Marilyn Manson.

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