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Pitch black contact lenses

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"The Different Styles And Shapes Of Pitch Black Contact Lenses"

When it comes to showing off your individuality, pitch black contact lenses do the trick. If you buy your pitch black contact lens online at a reduced price, you will frequently wind up saving more money than if you order lens from your eye doctor, especially if you're buying disposable black contact lenses.

Try Black-Out, the trendy pitch black contacts from Wild Eyes, or you can amaze your friends with Black Sclera pitch black lenses from Evil Eyes. These custom pitch black lenses not only cover the cornea, but also the sclera, hence the name of the lens type.

Materials Used In Pitch Black Lenses

Black Sclera contact lenses are a great deal bigger than corneal lens and need special directions for insertion and removal of the lens.

Sclera black lenses are not for everyday use. Because of the increased risks of wearing this type of lens, Black Sclera lens have to be dispatched to your doctor's office unless your lens prescription is explicitly written for scleral contact lenses.

Pitch black contacts, like all other lens, are positioned directly on the eye where they float on a thin film of tears in front of the cornea.

The most commonly used contact lenses worldwide are soft hydrophilic/hydrogel lens. Soft black contact lenses are prepared from a gel-like synthetic or supple hydrophilic substance with water content varying from 25-79%.

Pitch black lenses are appropriate for any eye color, and Black Out can be used for up to 12 months. Black Out pitch black lenses are available in 0.00 (plano) to -4.00.

If you're going for an unusual look, black could easily become your favorite. Black contacts are a great fashion accessory for any celebration or night out.

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