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Non-prescription scary contact lenses

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"Don't Scare Your Eyes With Non-Prescription Scary Contact Lenses"

If you desire a scary look, there are a lot of options for non-prescription scary contact lenses available. Feel free to try out costume non-prescription scary contact lenses, especially if you want your contact lenses to scare folks or otherwise make a commotion.

But be careful where you buy scary lenses. Gas stations, corner stores and peoples' homes are no place to buy non-prescription contact lenses.

Scary contacts are regarded as medical devices and contact lenses require a professional fitting because of the possible health risks of an improper fit.

Does Your Future Hold Non-Prescription Lenses?

The FDA has advised customers not to wear non-prescription scary lenses unless they are properly fitted and said it will confiscate unapproved contact lenses sold in convenience stores, flea markets and elsewhere.

Sharing scary contact lenses is the actual cause of the problem. The mass-produced costume scary lenses are cool, especially to teenagers, who have a tendency to swap the scary contacts with their friends.

Though thousands of people wear scary lenses successfully, these lenses are not for everyone. The only true way to know if you can wear non-prescription contact lenses is to try them.

Schedule an appointment for a costume scary lenses fitting, especially if you've never worn contact lenses before. The eye care professional will usually put a test pair of contact lenses on your eyes to decide which non-prescription lenses are best for you.

When you receive your non-prescription scary lenses, check the wrapping for signs of tampering and damage. Before handling your scary contact lenses, always carefully wash, rinse and dry your hands.

It is important to take good care of your non-prescription lenses. Always follow the instructions that come with your costume scary lenses closely.

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