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Wacky contact lenses

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"Wacky Contact Lenses For Cool And Incredible Special Effects"

Wacky contact lenses can transform you into the bizarre creature that lives only in your nightmares. Anybody can buy crazy contact lenses, but never purchase contacts without a prescription.

So think about gearing up your eyes with crazy contacts when putting on a Halloween costume this year. Companies such as Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision carry an assortment of wacky lenses.

Spooky contacts choices include Cat Eye, Fire Eye, White Out, Alien, Wolf and Black Spiral.

Conjunctivitis And Wacky Contacts

Crazy lenses are comparatively safe, particularly if you only wear contacts occasionally, but you should avoid certain hazards such as wearing lenses too long or exchanging and sharing lenses.

Wacky lenses are inexpensive and fun, and the kind of contacts that get you noticed at parties. So which contacts do you fancy in your eyes today?

Crazy contacts can change regular brown eyes into wacky Cat Eyes or those of an Alien. These lenses can also make you see pink, as in conjunctivitis, the eye bug usually identified as pink eye.

Because contact lenses become wet and warm on eye contact, germs and bacteria joyfully breed on the contacts, so it is never a good idea to swap or try on your friend's crazy contacts.

So pay attention to your eye health, then go ahead and alarm people with some truly wacky eye patterns. Or if you're attending a football party or game, demonstrate support for your team by showing their name and emblem on your contacts with NFL lenses from Cooper Vision.

Crazy lenses make you stand out from the rest at any event with contacts that not a lot of people are brave enough to enjoy.

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