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Costume scary contact lenses non-prescription

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"Costume Non-prescription Scary Contact Lenses--Just Don't Look In The Mirror"

Costume Non-prescription scary contact lenses are pretty cool things. . . well, if you like to scare the bejazzes out of your friends.

What luck--now you can look like one of those guys too by wearing non-prescription scary contact lenses. Like we said. Cool but scary-have you thought of seeing anyone professionally?

Usually worn for costume parties, they often imitate the scary eyes of movie characters from outer space, out of the deep dark woods, or just out of the grave.

Non-prescription--For Your Eyes, Not The Scary Part

Currently, costume contact lenses are considered cosmetic devices by both the US FDA and Canada Health and so can be non-prescription if correction is unnecessary. But prescriptions for contact lenses contain unique information, information that applies to those with perfect vision as well as to those who can't tell contact lenses from pennies.

Base Curve of the contact lenses, their Diameter, and Brand Name, like Wild Eyes costume lenses by Ciba Vision or Crazy costume contact lenses by Coopervision, are all important whether you wear corrective contact lenses or plano (powerless) costume contact lenses. The fit, type and brand also affect the length of time contact lenses can or should be worn.

Even where retailers are allowed by law to dispense scary contacts non-prescription, they may request contact information about your eye-care professional or may ask for a prescription for contact lenses anyway and may even require a copy prior to order.

Online retailers of costume contact lenses, like and Coastal Contacts usually take the same precautions.

The important thing is that wearing scary costume lenses is scary for the right reasons, and what could be more right than scaring your friends?

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