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Novelty contact lenses in the uk

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"How Can I Get Novelty Contact Lenses In The UK?"

While Novelty contact lenses UK wide are comparatively new, these contacts have been indispensable to Hollywood for almost half a century. Nowadays novelty contact lenses are frequently employed to put the final touches to a costume, or at Halloween, and novelty lenses are no longer the sole preserve of the stage and the silver screen.

Many online stores in the UK will only process orders for novelty lenses if they receive a copy of your recent Contact Lenses Specification. It must show the date of your last eye exam, brand and type of lenses prescribed, fitting and power details of the contact lenses and your optician's name and address.

Novelty Contacts Are Fun

Some of the styles and ways you can wear novelty lenses are:

  • Put on a black cat suit and Cat Eye contacts from Crazy Lenses

  • Wear a tuxedo and Vampire Red lenses

  • Wear a devil costume with Flames novelty lenses

  • To look really scary, wear a novelty contact lens in only one eye
UK novelty lenses have gone haute couture, with Christian Dior putting his distinctive logo on a line of two sets of contacts designed by John Galliano. The lenses create the illusion of either a golden or a black ring around the iris. The contacts, which feature a miniature CD logo, have been on sale in London since September 2004.

Novelty lenses are not only commonly available, but also conveniently inexpensive, and anyone can use these lenses to transform him or herself. However, novelty or not, contact lenses are health devices that come into contact with one of the most sensitive areas of the body - the eye. So don't abuse your novelty lenses, sanitize them as directed, and dispose of them as recommended.

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