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Sclera color contacts

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"Sclera Color Contacts For Halloween And Everyday"

Sclera color contacts are great for Halloween and other special events. These colored contacts for eyes cover both the iris and the white part of the eyes for a creepy look.

The sclera is commonly known as "the white of the eyes." It is the sturdy, dense tissue that functions as the eyes protective external cover. Six miniature muscles attach it around the eye and direct the eye actions. The sclera is thinner and more translucent in children, permitting the underlying tissue to show through and giving it a bluish cast. The sclera has a tendency to become more yellow as we age.

Specialty Contacts For Special Occasions

Sclera color lenses, once seen only on movie monsters and vampires, are now mass-marketed on the Internet. Most sclera lenses wind up beneath the lashes of adolescents and young adults.

Sclera contacts have become very popular for Halloween, and they come in such a broad range of colors and styles, they're certain to enhance any costume. These color contacts are available to those who usually wear contacts, and also to those who don't require vision correction.

Sclera color lenses must be looked after in a similar way to normal colored contacts - they have to be suitably cleaned and sanitized so as to preserve good visual health.

These contacts are a great deal bigger than corneal color contacts and involve special directions for insertion and removal. They are available from Evil Eyes in Black Sclera, Dune, Flame, Frosty, Slither and Predator.

Prior to ordering sclera contacts you should check with your optometrist to make sure you can wear this kind of color contacts. Because of the amplified risks of wearing scleras, Evil Eyes will ship your contacts to your doctor's office unless you provide them with a prescription specifically for sclera contacts.

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