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Very natural looking color contacts

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"A Guide To Very Natural Looking Color Contacts"

Very natural looking color contacts have been transformed by the new Acuvue 2 Opaque COLORS from Johnson & Johnson. They are the only disposable opaque colored contacts for eyes.

An original 3 stage print method when the color contacts are manufactured gives dark eyes a natural looking color change.

These are easy-to-handle, sturdy disposable colored contacts that resist tearing and are available in a variety of colors.

Some Categories Of Color Contacts

Durasoft 2 also makes natural looking color contacts that generate striking color changes to dark eyes for a stunning new look. Their very wide range of colors includes blue, green, gray, brown, honey, and turquoise. These very natural lenses are meant for daily wear and with proper care and handling your colored contacts should last for about a year.

Natural looking lenses fall under the category of cosmetic contacts, and they are very safe as long as they are fitted and prescribed by an eye care practitioner.

Enhancement tints are moderate and used for contacts that highlight the look of the actual eye. Persons who have very light eyes that they would like intensified usually wear these natural looking lenses. Though opaque color contacts completely change the your original eye hue, they offer a variety of very natural choices.

Accident victims can also benefit from natural looking color contacts with the array of hand painted color contacts available.

Adventures in Color Technology, a Colorado firm, specializes in fitting accident victims and eye surgery patients with contacts that restore their normal look. The company uses various FDA approved colors and designs to make colored contacts that can exactly match your eye hue.

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