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The best color contacts for dark eyes

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"Here Are Some Of The Best Color Contacts For Dark Eyes"

Freshlook has some of the best color contacts for dark eyes, and if you want to try on color contacts, they will send you trial lenses for a small service charge. Their Colorblends line has some of the best color lenses because they are tinted to change even dark colored eyes. These contacts for dark eyes are made with patented technology that blends three colors to create the best natural look.

Colorblends are opaque color contacts that block the natural color of dark eyes. Opaque color contacts are best for dark eyes because they have a very distinct and obvious colored pattern designed to mimic the appearance of an actual iris.

Other Color Contacts For Dark Eyes

If you want your colored lenses to look natural you should try on contacts until you find the best color for you.

The most popular contacts for dark eyes are blue, green, violet, hazel, honey, brown, turquoise, amethyst and gray, with blue being the best seller. Your dark eyes can also be enhanced with two new Colorblends color contacts: pure hazel and true sapphire.

If you're adventurous, you can try on contacts from Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses. They have contacts that are right for you even if you have dark eyes. The lenses are opaque, making them the best color choice for you if you want to look truly unique. You can wear these one of a kind contacts even if you need prescription strength contacts for dark eyes.

Illusions also manufactures some of the best natural looking hues for dark eyes where the iris pattern is embedded in the lens to create a sense of depth. Another great source of color contacts is Durasoft Colors. You can get colored lenses in any of their 14 different eye-catching shades available in nearly every prescription.

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