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Hallowee contact lenses

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"Basic Facts About Hallowee Contact Lenses"

With Hallowee contact lenses you can be all the creature you want to be. Halloween contact lenses are vital accessories for a killer costume. You had better get started now, ahead of the rush, if you're thinking of getting a set of custom contact lenses for Halloween. You'll discover a broad range of lenses, whether you want to look like a dragon, vampire, zombie, or reaper.

Although thousands of people purchase Halloween lenses with confidence over the Internet, there are a few reminders that all buyers should take into account when shopping for contact lenses online:

Caring For Your Halloween Lenses

Contacts are a regulated health tool, so have a current prescription handy and there's no such thing as a secondary market in Halloween lenses - no sell-offs, leftovers, seconds or last year's lens models. Finally, make sure the online distributor has a returns procedure, and make sure their Halloween contacts are protected by a manufacturer's warranty

Prior to handling contact lenses, be sure to wash your hands with soap and dry them with a lint free towel. Always insert the same eye first to avoid confusing the left and right lens. Put on makeup and spray-on hair and skin products after inserting your lenses.

Clean, rinse and sterilize your Hallowee contacts following every use. To avoid evaporation and contamination, take care to close all lens cleaning, sterilizing and storage solution bottles when they are not in use.

It is important to always use the same lens products to care for your Halloween contacts

  • Saline solution is for rinsing and storing contact lenses

  • Daily cleaner is for cleaning your Halloween contacts either in the morning or at night

  • Regular and no-rub multipurpose solutions are for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing your Halloween lenses
This will help avoid Halloween turning into a nightmare.

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