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Crazy contact lenses

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"Get Crazy And Contact Lenses Can Help--Eyeballin' For Fun"

Get crazy and contact lenses Can Help? Are we crazy? Well, did you ever wish you were raised by wolves or just off the ship from. . . oh, say, Pluto? When you dream of being a movie star, do you want to be the leading character or one of those crazy nutjobs lurking in dark rooms with glowing eyes? Or are you one of those who just likes to get crazy wild and freak out your friends.

Well, all your dreams--your strange dreams--can now come true. All you need, aside from a spaceship or a good movie agent, is crazy wild contact lenses.

An Imagination Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Crazy Lenses, made by Coopervision, are special effect colored contact lenses available in ten unique and crazy designs. With correction or no power (plano), they are made using Coopervision's patented UltraSync® Technology, so you can rely on their quality.

Want to show your patriotism? Here's a crazy idea: wear the USA Flag in each eye. Just off the ship? Crazy contact lenses outfit aliens, too. Some have Black Spiral eyes, some Red Spiral, and some have wild lenses with Fire in them, others Plain White. But you already knew that about aliens, didn't you? And yes, you can go crazy wild and be a Wolf or even a Cat.

If the party goes well, put Hearts in your eyes, and if it doesn't or gets crazy wild, you can make your eyes Bloodshot (if they aren't already). Let your crazy imagination go wild.

Coopervision highly recommends that even those requiring no correction get fitted by an eye care professional to ensure they can wear wild contact lenses safely, know the proper period of use, and the care and cleaning procedures for any contact lenses, Crazy contacts included.

Though plano fashion or theatrical contact lenses are currently classified by the FDA as cosmetic devices, Coopervision reminds those purchasing Crazy contacts they are medical devices and warn against unsafe practices like exchanging Crazy lenses among friends which can lead to infection.

As with most things, the best way to look at wild contacts lenses is with care. . . even when your vision is a little crazy.

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