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Gas permeable color lenses

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"Gas Permeable Lenses - Colors Have Never Looked So Good"

Gas permeable lenses, color and tinted are available now. Those who have worn gas permeable lenses for years were left out of the trendy and fashionable world of colors. Now, with new emerging technologies, even tinted gas permeable contact lenses can be purchased.

Gas permeable or what were commonly known as "hard lenses" are stiffer and have more of a solid feel than soft lenses. These contacts traditionally have been used for people with astigmatism in the past, but are more popular now for their visual clarity and their sturdiness.

Colored Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Can Change Your Look Today

Originally, all lenses were "hard". These first contacts were not even gas permeable, which means that oxygen could not pass through to the eye.

Soft contact lenses were introduced in the early seventies but progress seemed to slow for a few years. Soft lenses took several more years to become gas permeable, but the hard lenses or rigid gas permeable are still of better quality.

Colors in soft contact lenses were the first and are widely available and varied. Now, gas permeable lenses are available in these colors and are becoming popular among people who prefer gp lenses. Because the hard contact lenses are often smaller than soft lenses, they have a unique style and fit to change eye color.

Colors for gas permeable lenses are becoming as varied as the soft lenses and just as intense. Changing your eye color is now simple, no matter your lens preference or color choice. Now you can have the benefits of gas permeable lenses and change your eye color.

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