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Pitch black contact lens

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"Pitch Black Contact Lens - Can You See In The Dark?"

The Pitch Black contact lens are dark, like Reddick's dark eyes in the "Pitch Black" movie. Reddick, is the beginning inspiration for the Pinhead lenses by Wild Eyes. And while you won't be able to see in the dark like Reddick, you will sure look like you can.

Wild Eyes makes pitch black contact lenses similar to Reddick's lenses and now you can darken your eyes to pitch black.

Reddick could see in the dark with his sinister looking pitch black eyes and now you can have that same look with the Pinhead contact lens from Wild Eyes.

Pitch Black Contact Lenses For An Original Costume

Halloween or any other costume event will not be the same with your black lenses. These dark contact lenses will give you that same scary and evil appearance as Reddick.

Like zombie and vampire lenses, these theatrical lenses will scare and awe your friends at the next Halloween party. Even a night out with friends can be an event with these frighteningly dark black contact lenses and you can blend into the dark with these pitch black lenses.

Ordering your Wild Eyes lenses is a snap through a reputable online lens supplier. Make sure you order with plenty of time to receive your lenses for your event, as most of the special effects lenses of this kind are hand painted and highly in demand around the Halloween holiday.

Prescription and astigmatism lenses are available in this type of lens as well so order your pitch black lenses today.

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