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White glow in the dark contact lenses

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"White Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses Will Get You Seen"

Imagine the dark room aglow with your white glow in the dark contact lenses. These new theatrical lenses allow for a stunning effect after dark with glow in the dark lenses. Amaze your friends on the next night out or at a Halloween party with your glow in the dark eyes.

Glow in the dark Halloween contact lenses will completely change your eye color during the daylight hours to a soft white, nearly blending with the natural whites of your eyes. Then comes the night, and under UV lighting, these lenses will glow brilliantly white. Be the light and life of the party with glowing white eyes.

Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses For Halloween Will Make A Sensation

The rage over Halloween contact lenses has inspired the contact lens industry to come up with new and scary lenses of all types. Zombie lenses, vampire and other frightening combinations of contacts add flair and originality to any costume. Complete your look with a pair of red lenses for a demon or a pair of dragon's eyes.

But for a truly original look, pick up a pair of white lenses. These theatrical lenses will make you the glowing light at the dark party room and cause a stir under any UV lighting. People will certainly look twice to see you hidden in the shadows with only your eyes glowing brightly.

These lenses can be ordered with or without a prescription and are available through several vendors. If you are ordering prescription or astigmatism type lenses, order in advance for your engagement to ensure enough shipping time as some vendors will consider this type of order a customized order.

Then get ready to freak out your friends on the dance floor with your mesmerizing glow in the dark contact lenses.

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