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Special fx theatrical contact lenses

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"Special FX Theatrical Contact Lenses - The Easy Way To Make Your Costume Fantastic"

Special fx theatrical contact lenses can liven up your Halloween costume. You can use special effects colored contacts such as Blackout for a shadowy and mysterious look, or Spiral for a gripping appearance. Your special fx can be the brutally hot Fire Eye, or Rave special fx lenses, which shine brilliantly under Ultra Violet light.

Until recently theatrical lenses were only available to persons in Hollywood for production of movies, but you can now wear these contact lenses in everyday life. These contacts have very untamed designs, from Cat Eye to White Out.

Who Can Wear Theatrical Lenses?

Wearing special colored contacts is a great way to look unusual, whether it's for a costume party, a home video or just to be different.

Special colored contacts are great for all eye colors, because they are a solid color lens and can be used for 30 whole days or 30 times over an 18-month period of infrequent wear.

These contacts are zero powered and can be worn by anyone. They have no vision powers and are for style and aesthetic uses, permitting you to alter your eye color just for fun.

Over time special fx contact lenses have advanced, and this is credited to a mixture of technology and creativity. Soft contact lenses became available in the 70's, but hard special colored contacts are still used in the movie industry because special fx such as mirrors and glitter can only be made with a rigid lens.

So don your lens for eye-popping special fx. You'll perceive the world in an entirely new way and the world will see a completely different you.

And special fx lenses are not only for those who adore the theatre - if you're a fervent football supporter, you can try NFL Crazy Lenses.

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