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Made to order color contacts

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"Get Your Color Contact Lenses Made To Order"

Getting your made to order color contacts is easier than ever. There are several companies that will customize contacts, usually for astigmatism, however, be prepared for the increased cost over regular pre-made lenses.

It would be best to try on color contacts prior to buying. The shape of the cornea has a lot to do with whether or not you will be fitted for standard size color contact lenses or a customized lens.

Toric lenses are shaped with the specific client in mind and will cost a little more when ordering them, even if you don't choose a colored lens.

Try On Color Contacts With Lenses That Fit Your Eye

Toric lenses and other types of customized lenses can be ordered with just about any color of the rainbow. Typically theses lenses will run more than one hundred dollars for a set of three.

If you require toric or made to order lenses for each eye, you can be looking at an increased cost. However, made to order are usually made stronger and will outlast most standard lenses with the right care and maintenance.

Because these colored lenses are made to order, or customized to fit your specific eye, you will notice not only that people will see your beautifully colored eyes, but that you will see everything around you more clearly and crisply than ever before.

The additional cost is often far outweighed by the benefit of having stronger contact lenses and much-improved visual acuity.

Ordering your customized contacts can be as easy as a click of the mouse. Both and offer specials on made to order contacts, as well as several name brands.

Acuvue2colors, Revlon FreshLook and DuraSoft all offer colored made to order lenses. Get your new vision and try on your new colors today.

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