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Cheap special effects contact lenses

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"Where To Get Cheap Special Effects Contact Lenses"

Cheap special effects contact lenses are easy to get on the Internet - you can always find a sale or a good deal. Banshee, Blood Red and Pinhead are some of the special effects cheap contact lenses available on sale for under $40.

Wild Eyes dramatic color contacts are also offered for cheap in 12 different special effects contact lens colors that are far-out, including designs such as White-Out, Red-Hot and Vampire. These first-class but cheap contact lenses are prepared from a supple plastic that is comfy, fun to wear, and certain to draw the notice of those around you.

Comparison Of Cheap Contacts

These cheap contact lenses are great for Halloween and other special events. Blood Red special effects contact lenses in particular are just right to complete your Dracula costume.

You can order Wild Eyes lenses from several online merchants - the cheaper ones start at $46.95, and the most expensive go for $70. Crazy Lenses also has many cheap lenses such as Crazy Daisy and Infinity, both for $65.98.

The luminous colors of Evil Eyes Rave contacts have great special effects - they glow intensely under ultraviolet light, and they cost only $89.95.

Another line of special effects lenses is Possessed; whose dazzling lens colors and distinctive graphics guarantee the most realistic look possible for $69.95 per pair. Or you can get custom made Sinister for $149.95 per pair.

Up to 95% of the population can safely wear special fx contact lenses. If you have dark eyes you should use opaque special effects contacts because they will have a better result than tinted or enhanced lens, where a lot of the color effect of the contacts are taken from the original eye color.

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