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Freshlook Dimensions color contact lenses

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"Freshlook Dimensions Color Contactlenses--Halos In Your Eyes"

Freshlook Dimensions Color Contactlenses give your eyes a unique look of depth and sparkle--a freshlook, indeed. Made by Ciba Vision, the second largest producer of color contact lenses, these color contact lenses are made for light eyes to give them brighter, deeper colors.

They're a unique idea in color contact lenses first developed as Freshlook Enhancers by Wesley Jessen, now part of Ciba Vision. As the replacement for Freshlook Enhancers, Fresh Look Dimensions adds updated fashion to your eyes and is an innovative and unique part of the line of Ciba Vision Freshlook color contacts.

Look Deep Into My Eyes--No. . . Deeper

Fresh Look Dimensions combine the best features of color contactlenses. Incorporating new advances in contact lenses, they are monthly disposables for greater comfort and convenience, and they contain 55% water making them safe to be worn for up to 30 days of daily use with proper cleaning and care.

Available in Base Curve of 8.6 and Diameter of 14.5, Freshlook Dimensions are made of 45% Phemfilcon A, a modern polymer. They are available in powers of -8.00 to +6.00, including plano or no power for those with good vision but a zest for fashion.

Freshlook Dimensions color contact lenses combine a charcoal outer starburst pattern with inner translucent colors to give lighter eyes a unique appearance and an alluring depth. They come in colors of Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green and are available in packs of six. Like Freshlook Enhancers, the colors in Freshlook Dimensions have little effect on dark-colored eyes.

Ciba Vision came up with a good name for these modern color contactlenses. They really do give your eyes whole new dimensions.

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