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Special effect cheap contact lenses

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"No. 1 Special Effect Cheap Contact Lenses"

Crazy Lenses sells special effect cheap contact lenses such as Bloodshot, available at $35.99 a pair. Or you can buy Black Sclera at $139.99 a pair. Another must-have lens is Blood Red, sold for $34.95 each. (note - prices were correct at time of writing)

These cheap special effects contact lenses are the ideal final touch to any costume, and they are great for Halloween effects and other special events.

But prior to ordering you must remember to check with your optometrist to make sure you can wear this lens.

They Don't Get Cheaper Than This

Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes have cool selections in cheap contact lenses. Their special effects contact lenses are easy-to-handle and tough, they resist tearing, and they provide outstandingly keen vision.

Both brands make high quality, comfortable, and affordably priced special effects lenses. Though cheap, their lenses have some of the best artwork for superior realism and effect.

For $149.95, you can get custom-made Sinister lens from Evil Eyes. You won't come across cheap lenses like this anyplace else. You can also try Possessed, Evil Eye's innovative line of cheap contact lenses, now selling for $69.95.

These special effects contact lenses have been Evil Eyes' top seller for the past few years. Or, the ever-popular Rave is available at $89.95 per pair.

The best place to locate great deals on special effects contacts is the Internet. The top online stores providing cheap contacts go to great lengths to make sure customer service is of the maximum quality.

Of course, convenience is one of the main reasons to shop online for your cheap lens. Incredible contacts discounts of up to 70% are offered online.

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