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Color contacts samples

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"Your Guide To Color Contacts Samples"

To get color contacts samples from Acuvue free of charge, all you have to do is visit their website and fill out a form. Your complimentary trial color contacts certificate is applicable while supplies last at participating eye care professionals.

Note that these color contacts for eyes are available by prescription only, and professional eye test and fitting costs are not included.

Freshlook is also offering contact samples, although they may carry the "Demo" mark. A small service charge of $5.99 is required, and you will get one single Plano lens (no power) for this price.

Getting Contact Samples From Your Doctor

Besides Acuvue, the contacts manufacturers and eye doctors are making it easier than ever to try colored contact lenses yourself. Just go to your neighborhood optometrist or ophthalmologist, have your eyes examined and request a selection of colors to sample.

Your colored samples can be an incredibly secure, easy and fun substitute for glasses or even refractive surgery, but you must wear them as prescribed by your eye care provider.

So if you are worried about how color contacts you order online will look on your eyes, go to your local eye care provider for a sample. They get colored samples free from the makers for just this reason.

Obviously you don't want to point out that you may buy the contacts somewhere else if you want their complete co-operation.

Remember to use the correct solutions for cleaning your contacts, and don't wear them for longer than suggested by your eye doctor.

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