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Black out contact lenses

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"Black Out Contact Lenses--Empty Stares"

Black Out contact lenses are special effects contacts that make the eye appear pitch black. Black contact lenses that cover the entire eye are called Sclera lenses (the sclera is the white part of your eye) and are commonly used as theatrical or costume lenses, but some Black out lenses cover only the iris giving the impression of a fully-dilated blacked out pupil.

To put it bluntly, pitch black contact lenses are weird. Does that sound like you?

Black contact lenses havean otherworldly look that is perfect to convey a lack of emotion. They are not to be worn on first dates.

I'm Just A Blank

Offered by Wildeyes by Ciba Vision, Black out is one of many unique special effects contact lenses. Black Sclera is offered by Evileyes.

The FDA and Canada Health consider black contact lenses cosmetic devices but both agencies and most lens manufacturers advise that wearers treat them like medical devices and have an examination by an eye care professional prior to purchase.

Though not necessarily requiring a prescription, one is recommended to ensure the contacts fit properly and will not cause eye problems down the road.

Never wear pitch black lenses or any special effects contact lenses longer than recommended, and remember that the colors in black lenses are opaque so vision in dark situations might be affected if the pupil dilates larger than the corneal opening on the lens. And never, ever exchange lenses with anyone.

If you want to pretend you are stoic, humorless, unfeeling, possibly from outer space, and downright creepy, you might like to try black contact lenses, but if you're going to a party, you might also plan on clearing the room.

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