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Pink contact lenses

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"Get Pink Contact Lenses For Your Next Party Night"

In the American Civil War movie, Cold Mountain, actor Charlie Hunnam played an albino, a role for which he had to wear pink contact lenses. He said that these pink colored contacts for eyes were very uncomfortable to wear. Since albinos are extremely susceptible to light, the pupils on the pink colored contacts had to be tiny, severely limiting his vision.

Pink eyes are no longer restricted to albinos - the folks at Evil Eyes have taken care of that. The luminous Evil Eyes Pink Rave glows powerfully under ultraviolet (UV) black light.

Therapy With Pink Colored Contacts - Will It Work?

You'll show up from the rest of the club horde and certainly get seen on the dance floor when you're wearing pink colored contacts. But you must go into the club - Pink Rave lenses do not glow by themselves. It needs the UV light.

Besides, Arlo Guthrie and his team at commissioned a study, which established that people who wear contacts (not necessarily pink) are four times more likely to catch the attention of a partner in a disco than those "encumbered with facial furniture."

Pink has been found to have a soothing effect within minutes of contact. It represses antagonistic, violent and apprehensive actions, fascinating given pink's customary connection with women in Western society.

Pink holding cells are now extensively used to lessen hostile conduct among convicts, and some sources have reported a decrease in muscle power in prisoners within 2.7 seconds.

So, if you buy pink color contacts, will they have these effects? We don't know, but it helps to think that when in the presence of pink, people cannot be violent even if they want to, because the color drains their energy. Maybe Mike Tyson should try pink lenses.

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