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Europa color contact lenses

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"Europa Color Contact Lenses--Look For The Upstarts"

Europa color contact lenses, made by Wesley Jessen, are mentioned often on the internet, but don't look for them when you want to buy colored contact lenses online. You won't find them anymore. Don't worry, there are plenty of newcomers among color contact lenses that use the same two-color design to continue the Europa legacy.

That lens design provided enhanced depth and definition in color contact lenses for a natural look. The Europa lenses were available in Amber, Sunflower Brown, Cedar Brown, Mint Green, Moss Green, Glacier Blue, Aquamarine, Soft Lilac, Smokey and Charcoal in plano only. But take a look at the new guys.

Seeing Double

When you're buying colored contacts online, look for lenses that use the two-color technique. Freshlook Dimensions lenses, the new replacement for Freshlook Enhancers by Ciba Vision, have a starburst outer ring around translucent colors in Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua.

The lens is designed for lighter eyes, as are Acuvue Enhancers by Johnson and Johnson. Their color contact lenses are available in Aquamarine, Ocean Blue, and Emerald Green.

Clearly Colors, which you can buy online, come in colors reminiscent of the Europa color contacts including Aqua-tic Allure, Blue 'n Brazen, Green Envy, Violet Venom, Brown Bombshell, Amber Ambition, and Grey Storm. And all of these newer color contact lenses are available in a choice of Base Curves and Powers, including plano.

Be sure to have your eyes examined by an eye care professional before ordering your color contacts even if you have perfect vision. They'll check for eye conditions that might make you a poor candidate for color contact lenses and fit you for comfort and safety.

Two-color contacts gently enhance your own beautiful eyes. They'll make your friends do a double-take.

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