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What color contacts does Paris Hilton wear

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"What color contacts does Paris Hilton wear? Not Her Own Color, That's For Sure"

What color contacts does Paris Hilton wear? Well, first of all, fans of Paris know what you see ain't what you get. Her real eye color is brown, but little things like that don't stop Paris Hilton from living her life to the fullest, do they? Somehow--magically--Paris' eyes have turned blue, but of course, there's no magic to it.

Paris Hilton has colored contacts, so if you're one of those who ask yourself every morning, 'What color contacts does Paris Hilton have on today?', wonder no more. Paris wears Elegance Light Blue by Wesley Jessen now part of Ciba Vision.

Paris Doesn't Look Back. . . In Any Color

Does Paris Hilton wear the color that is right for you? If not, Elegance is also available in Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Gray, and Hazel, and since these are opaque color contacts, their affect on your original eye color will be astounding. With a defining ring around the colored lens, your eyes will gain depth as well as rich color.

Elegance color contacts are soft lenses but made to be worn for up to a year with proper care and cleaning. What color you choose is up to you, but it's important to be examined and fitted by an eye care professional who will determine the proper Base Curve of your color contacts.

You can be sure he's heard the question many times--"What contacts does Paris have?" And his answer is likely to be, "The right ones for her." Elegance is available in powers from +1.00 to -6.00 including plano, no power.

So live your life to the fullest, too, but don't ask, "What does Paris Hilton wear?" Let them ask what you wear. . . and don't look back.

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