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Glow in the dark halloween contact lenses

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"Glow In The Dark Halloween Contact Lenses--They'll Know Where You Are"

Glow in the dark Halloween contact lenses are special effect crazy contacts that light up in the presence of a black light. If you're out trick-or-treating, drivers will see you coming down the road, so you'll be safe. . . if you don't scare them off the road.

If you're feeling a little wild, crazy Halloween contact lenses might be just the thing. Of course, glowing contact lenses can be worn anytime, they aren't just Halloween lenses, so if you want to keep track of your significant other at the dance club, let's say, get them a set of wild crazy contact lenses that glow in the dark.

Excuse Me, Do You Know Your Eyes Are On Fire?

Evileyes by Eyecolor offers the Rave FX glowing contact lenses that glow under ultraviolet light (blacklight), and they are available in Blue Rave, Green Rave, and Pink Rave. They're cool, they're creepy, and they're fun, but don't forget that these glowing contact lenses don't glow on their own. They have to be under ultraviolet light for that.

It's also important to get a glowing report from your eye care professional before you wear Halloween lenses or any crazy contacts. You should be examined for any eye conditions that would prohibit you from wearing contacts, and you should be fitted for any contact lens.

Learn about care and use of contact lenses, and never exchange your lenses with anyone. Glow in the dark lenses should only be worn for a short period of time. Though it isn't always required, lens suppliers often request a prescription.

Be safe but have fun on Halloween, and when someone says, "Hey, Brighteyes!" Turn around and give 'em a good scare.

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