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Coloured eye contact lenses

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"Lightly Coloured--Eye Contact Lenses That Make Cents, Er. . . Sense"

Lightly coloured eye contact lenses are pretty handy, or to be more precise, are a lot easier to handle.

Hydron Zero Six contact lenses have the best of conventional contact lens features, as well, offering comfort, durability and eye lenses for those requiring greater correction, as well.

Hydron Zero Six coloured contact lenses come in what Am Hydron calls Sofblue, a soft tint that does not change or affect your own eye colour but does make handling the lens much easier.

No Squinting And A Little Tinting--A Little Tint-tinabulation

Conventional coloured eye lenses like the Hydron Zero Six are not disposable lenses. They come one lens per vial and are made to last for up to a year with proper cleaning, treatment, and care, yet these are contact lenses Hydron intended to be comfortable and easy to use.

They are 38% water (thus they are known in some markets as Boot 38), are soft lenses that are durable, and because they are coloured contact lenses with a soft tint, are easy to see, to insert and remove, and to handle out of the eye.

Hydron Zero Six contact lenses are suitable for those who want to wear coloured contact lenses but have difficulty finding contact lenses with sufficient power. They come in powers from -10.00 to +10.00 yet fit comfortably on the eye with a Base Curve of from 8.4 to 9.0. The lenses have a Diameter of 14.0.

Offered by Ocular Science, now a part of Coopervision, Hydron coloured contact lenses are available from professional offices which sell coloured contact lenses, from optical retailers round the world, and online at sites like Coastal Contacts, 1800Contacts, and others.

While conventional contact lenses cost more up-front, in the long-run you save significantly.

Hydron Zero Six is both handy and good for the long-haul. Doesn't that sound like you?

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