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Haloween contact lenses

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"Haloween Contact Lenses Don't Need To Be Scary"

According to the FDA's official caution, decorative lenses, which include Haloween contact lenses, present major possibilities of loss of sight and other damage if they are sold without a prescription or a correct fitting by a competent eye care professional.

Dangers related to the use of Halloween contact lens comprise conjunctivitis (an infection of the eye), corneal edema (swelling), allergic reaction, corneal abrasion from poor lens fit, and decrease in visual perception, contrast sensitivity, and other visual functions, resulting in hindrances to driving and other activities.

Get A Prescription For Your Haloween Contacts

But don't be put off. Haloween lenses are extremely popular, and at all times of the year. However, we want to remind you to take care with contact lenses and those precious eyes. You don't want Haloween to turn into a nightmare!

Haloween contacts can turn brown eyes blue or human eyes to demon eyes. Costume lenses can be a cool way to alter your looks, particularly for Halloween.

The FDA does not check Haloween lenses for safety or effectiveness before they reach the public, unlike contact lenses sold to correct refractive errors. But the hazards connected to these lenses have caught the attention of legislators.

Information on corneal ulcer linked to the wearing of decorative contact lenses in excess of the suggested period was sent to the FDA, which again advised customers about the grave danger of using decorative contacts sold without involvement of an eye care professional last Halloween.

The agency has issued an import alert for incoming decorative lenses at US ports of entry intended for sale without prescription.

So, Haloween buffs, don't buy your Haloween lenses from non-professional sources, and see a contact lens professional to make sure your wild new lenses fit correctly.

And remember, unhygienic usage and sharing of novelty contacts can cause lasting eye damage. Contact lenses are a regulated health gadget and you should treat them with care.

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