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Contact lenses for Halloween costumes

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"Making The Most Of Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume Enhancement"

In addition to altering your eye color, you can wear contact lenses for Halloween costume use. These Halloween contact lenses are available to people who usually use glasses or contact lenses, as well as those who don't need a prescription.Why not try these contacts to add to yourHalloween effect?

Halloween contacts come in a lot of styles, from the vacant gaze of the sightless to the scorching, malevolent look of a fiend. Regardless of your Halloween costume, you can try WildEyes special effect lenses. Or you can get Crazy Lenses, which comes in six patterns: black spiral, cat eye, fire eye, red spiral, white out, and wolf.

A Warning About Halloween Contact Lenses

These novelty costume lenses were initially produced for theatrical use, not just for Halloween. Contact lenses have been used in the film industry for numerous years, as far back as 1939, to help create a mood, a monster or character.

Statistics show that in 2002, there were roughly 1100 injuries associated with contact lenses treated in U.S. emergency rooms. Buying costume lenses over-the-counter can cause grave eye complications.

Here are some basic sight saving tips for Halloween contact lens buying:

  • Always go to a certified eye care professional to be fitted for cosmetic contacts

  • Don't buy Halloween lenses without a prescription unless un-powered

  • Always clean and disinfect your lenses according to directions

  • Never swap or share your costume lenses with your friends

  • Only wear Halloween colored contacts for short times
Once you follow these contact lens tips, you can feel safe changing your ordinary brown, green or blue peepers into smoldering red devil eyes. Whether on Halloween or any other night.

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