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Colored contacts by Acuvue

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"Welcome To The World Of Colored Contacts - Acuvue® 2 Colors™ Brand"

If you like colored contacts, Acuvue 2 comes in an assortment of shades from understated to head turning. Acuvue has completely re-engineered colored contacts so the color now looks more natural and realistic, and also more alive. Get a great new look with colors your friends and family will adore - Warm Honey, Deep Blue, and a host of others.

It is tough to imagine that contacts are hard to use with almost 75 million wearers on earth, and 31 million in the US alone. If you have an energetic lifestyle, Acuvue contacts offer close to normal eyesight, with no side effects if worn properly. Also, the contacts give great peripheral vision.

Get The Eye Color You've Always Dreamed Of

Wish you were born with eyes of an unusual color? Acuvue colors are crafted by some of the best vision scientists and color artists around. Acuvue contacts are made mostly of water and are ultra-thin.

The Acuvue color-enhancing layer creates very natural-looking, yet vivid, eye color. If your eyesight needs correcting, Acuvue color contacts are obtainable in most prescriptions in your pick of colors.

Color contacts are a great way to look different, and they come in four categories. Visibility tint is the most common, it does not affect eye color, but it makes the contacts easy to find. Opaque tints totally alter the wearer's eye color.

Enhancement tint contacts add to the innate beauty of the eye with understated hues and tones. Light-filtering tint contacts intensify and enhance certain colors in the visual spectrum.

You can save huge amounts off Acuvue contacts if you buy from top online lens suppliers like You normally get free priority shipping, and free extras. So why wait? Enhance your eye color today.

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