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Hand painted contact lenses

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"Hand Painted Contact Lenses - Relief From Serious Eye Abnormalities"

Both the medical and the movie FX businesses use hand painted contact lenses. Most of these colored contact lenses are used to disguise damaged eyes.

Now, hand painted contacts are the new tool to help low vision patients. Optometrists and ophthalmologists use painted contacts with custom-tints added in the area of the pupil to help patients with conditions like albinism and cataracts.

Designers of painted lenses work with the patient's doctor to get the exact color match for the lenses, as well as the correct size of the pupil.

Why Use Painted Contacts?

One company in Florida offers hand painted applications that can alter tinted remedial contact lenses into what looks like a normal eye. These contacts greatly boost the self-esteem of patients with disfigured eyes, especially accident victims. The contact lenses are not a stand-alone solution - painted contacts must be used with other devices such as telescopes and magnifiers.

Painted contacts have until recently been fitted mainly for aesthetic reasons. A wide range of vision problems can now be treated and eliminated with these lenses. Vision troubles caused by failed eye surgeries and birth defects can be alleviated with the contact lenses as well.

The painted contacts industry has helped quite a few babies - as young as three months and needing individually designed and colored lenses - assuring them of normal eyesight as they continue to grow. The color of the contacts and the paint in their design has to be approved by the FDA.

Plastic-coated soft painted contacts are ideal for patients in search of the best possible color toning with natural detail. Only these lenses provide detail and maximum likeness to a real eye.

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