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Where can I find colored contacts non perscription?

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"Where Can I Find Colored Contacts Non Prescription?--It Can Be Like Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places"

Where Can I Find Colored Contacts Non Prescription, you ask? Well, today, changing eye colors is as easy as changing the color of your hair, and it's easy to find colored contacts online as well as at your eye doctor's office or your optician's store.

Those requiring corrective contact lenses can choose to have tinted or opaque colors without any effect on their eyesight, and even those with perfect eyesight can give themselves a new look by wearing colored contacts. For those who can wear colored contact lenses no prescription, though, the question is where to find them. The answer isn't necessarily in plain view.

'Big Brother' Wears Colored Contacts

The law has a good deal to say about the availability of non prescription contact lenses. While federal regulations currently consider colored contacts to be cosmetic devices, many states classify them as medical devices; federal laws are pending to do the same. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to purchase colored contacts non prescription.

Why do the authorities care? Prescriptions for contact lenses contain unique information, information that applies to those with perfect vision as well as to those who can't tell colored contacts from pennies. Base Curve, curvature of the contact lenses; the Diameter of the contact lens; and Brand Name, are all important whether you wear corrective contact lenses or plano (powerless) colored contacts.

The fit, type and brand also affect the length of time contact lenses can or should be worn, some disposables able to be worn for up to a month, like Ciba Vision's Focus Monthly Softcolors, and some colored lenses, like Soflens One Day by Bausch & Lomb, worn for daily use.

Even where retailers are allowed by law to dispense colored contacts non prescription, they may request contact information about your eye-care professional. Online retailers usually take the same precautions.

If allowed by law in your area, reputable retailers selling colored contacts locally and online are the best place to purchase colored contacts non prescription. Try them, and be thankful you don't need a prescription to get a wink.

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