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Unique fun contact lenses

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"Unique Fun--Contact Lenses With An Attitude"

Here's a way to have some unique fun, contact lenses with their own agenda. Falling in love? Crazy Lenses by Coopervision offers a unique lens with a heart in the middle. Going to a costume party or just scaring your friends for fun? How about a Black Spiral from Wildeyes by Ciba Vision?

The evening lasted too long? Try Crazy Lenses' Bloodshot. Whatever your agenda, these are contact lenses for fun.

But fun is in the eye of the beholder and so are fun contact lenses. For you unique individuals with a unique sense of fun, there is a wild choice of. . . well, unique contact lenses.

Unique--Does That Mean Weird?

Ever wish you were raised by wolves (try Wolf from Crazy Lenses) or just off the ship from. . . oh, say, Pluto (a wide choice of fun lenses--nobody knows what people look like on Pluto)?

When you dream of being a movie star, are you one of those crazy (unique?) nutjobs lurking in dark rooms with glowing eyes (try Evileyes from unique contact lenses and juuuuust a little weird)?

Or is your idea of fun to freak out your friends--in a unique way, of course (they'd probably say you don't need unique contact lenses for that--try Predator by Evileyes anyway).

Be cautious though. Have your eyes checked by an eye care professional. They'll make sure the contacts fit properly, and that you're a good candidate for wearing unique contacts. They'll prescribe a type and brand of fun lenses that is suitable for your eyes, and they'll instruct you on care and use of colored contacts. And get a prescription for your unique contacts even if you've never worn corrective lenses.

If fun is an attitude then unique contact lenses are lenses for fun. Well, now that is weird.

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