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"Get A Free Trial Color Contact Lens"

Are you not sure what color you want to change your eyes to? Do you have a color in mind but want to try it out first? Free trial color contact lens can be obtained from many vendors, allowing you to try out a color before committing to buy a pair of lenses or several lenses. Free trial colored contacts come in all the fabulous colors that regularly priced lenses are available in.

Colored lenses can be purchased with out without visual correction. Now, regardless of your prescription, you can change your blue eyes to green or your brown eyes to hazel.

Try A Different Color Today For Free

Even if you are not sure what color you want your lenses to be, you can try out different colors to see which lens you like. Getting a free trial pair certificate from the manufacturer is a good way to start trying out the new colorful you.

Acuvue Colors and FreshLook Lenses both offer free trial pair certificates on their websites. These certificates can be downloaded and printed. You then take the certificate to an eye care provider to redeem it for a free trial pair of lenses. Most eye care providers and contact lens manufacturers will require that you have an eye exam prior to purchasing contact lenses.

As contact lenses are still listed as a medical device, even without a prescription, you need an exam to make sure that you are able to wear contact lens and to check your visual needs. Your general eye health is important and you should have an eye exam every year if you wear contacts, and at least every two years regardless of visual needs.

Try out a new look and new colors with a free trial pair of colored contact lenses.

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