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Scary color contacts

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"Scary Color Contacts--Look Into My Ey. . . Hey, Where'd Ya Go?"

Scary color contacts are pretty cool. . . well, if you like to scare the bejazzes out of your friends. Usually worn for costume parties, they often imitate the scary eyes of movie characters from outer space, out of the deep dark woods, or just out of the grave.

What luck--now you can look like one of those guys too by wearing scary colored contacts. Like we said, cool but scary-have you thought of seeing anyone professionally?

Manufacturers of colored contacts offer a rainbow of colors but for real fun many offer scary contacts that are a bit less, shall we say, alluring.

Scary Contacts--We Mean Your Color Contacts, Not Your Friends

Want to look like a wolf or a cat or a crow or a raven? Try wearing Crazy color contacts by Coopervision. Want to look like you're from outer space (or should be sent there), try Wildeyes scary colored contacts by Ciba Vision. And if you want to wear colored contacts that make you look so evil everyone else wants to look away. . . but can't, try Evileyes by The important thing is that wearing colored contacts is fun.

And this is important. Even if your sight needs no correction, you should ensure that wearing color contacts stays fun. Have your eyes checked by an eye care professional.

They'll make sure the contacts fit properly, that you have no eye conditions that make you a poor candidate for wearing scary contacts, will prescribe a type and brand of scary colored contacts that is suitable for your eyes, and will instruct you on care and use of colored contacts. You should get a prescription for your scary contacts even if you've never worn corrective lenses.

The important thing is that wearing scary contacts is scary for the right reasons, and what could be more right than scaring your friends?

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