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"Halloween Contact Lenses--It's Cool To Be A Ghoul"

Halloween contact lenses aren't just for Halloween, that's the trick and the treat of it. You can wear these contact lenses anytime you want to scare the bejazzes out of your friends (some friend you are).

But wearing contact lenses for Halloween can turn a costume into an identity.

Of course, unless you want to be thought of as a wolf or a cat, a space creature or a garden-variety weirdo, a new identity may not be the best thing Halloween lenses can do for you. The best use for Halloween contacts is for fun.

Be A Smart Monster

Today, there is an endless variety of lenses for Halloween. Crazy Eyes by Coopervision, Wildeyes by Ciba Vision, and Evileyes by Eyecolor provide so many choices of Halloween contacts, the decision is. . . well, scary.

Choose your Halloween lenses from Black Spiral, Bloodshot, Cat Eye, Fire Eye, Heart, Red Spiral, Stars & Stripes, White Out and Wolf. Or how about Alien, Black-Out, Hypnotica, Icefire, Jaguar, Knockout, Red Hot, Wildfire, Zebra and Zoomin'.

Maybe you'd rather have Halloween eyes that glow in the dark. And there are more choices of Halloween lenses than that.

But be careful. Halloween lenses, though some can be prescribed for correction and can be used for up to a year, all contacts must be used carefully.

Though Halloween lenses are classified by the FDA as 'cosmetic devices', lens manufacturers and suppliers recommend they be treated as medical devices and be properly fitted and prescribed once your eyes have been examined by an eye care professional. Lenses for Halloween should only be worn for short periods of time.

The important thing is to get scary, get out there and have fun. The great discount online lens companies listed below provide a full selection of Halloween contacts and information on lenses and eye safety that can help you choose. They know that fun and safety are your ghouls.

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